Gelato CSA
Gelato CSA

Gelato CSA

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What's in season at the Farmers Market? Taste it as a gelato flavor, all Summer long!

This year, from May through August, we're taking the ripest fruit at the height of the growing season and making new and delicious gelato flavors. 

Here's how The Gelato CSA works:

  • You'll get two pints of the new flavor, every two weeks.
  • Locals pick up their Gelato CSA from the Gelato Cafe every other week starting May 1st through end of August.
  • You'll get 18 pints total (every other week May thru Aug = 9 times = 18 pints).
  • Pick up any time the cafe is open.
  • Shipping is 1x a month, all 4 pints at once.

All flavors will be gluten free, featuring ingredients from local farms. Start dreaming of blackberries and peaches!