Why We're Different

Want to know what makes Sugar and Snow different?!
Sustainable: We source local dairy and ingredients to support other small and local businesses. We use compostable gelato spoons that are used for both sampling and indulging to eliminate excess waste! Our cutlery is compostable as well as our hot drink cups. We waste nothing, even our coffee is used to make coffee ice cubes instead of tossing it when it gets cold!
Locally Sourced: We here at Sugar and Snow know you have high quality standards for your food. In order to be that way, you have to trust that whoever makes your food tis sourcing only the very best ingredients. The problem is, most companies start with a cream base mix that is made by an outside company. This means their ice cream or gelato is made with factory-farmed dairy and other junky ingredients. But not ours! We believe in making a clean dessert, with every creamy bite and crunchy mix-in made from scratch. That's why we use local dairy and organic sugar to make top-shelf gelato. Everything is made locally, here in Asheville, NC!
Vegan: Our non-dairy gelato is made with organic cane sugar and plant-based stabilizers to not only be vegan, but also safe for our friends with nut allergies. No nut-milk alternatives here!
Organic: We use only organic sugar, dairy, ingredients and colorings in our product. None of that junky food coloring or highly processes mix-ins. When you taste our bright Raspberry or Mango sorbets, you can be sure that bright color comes from the fruit only. Never any food dyes.
Woman Owned: Sugar and Snow's founder, Amy, has been building this business since 2013! Amy prioritizes collaborating with other woman-owned businesses to cultivate a beautiful community in WNC that supports and celebrates each other!