We Have Our Favorites……

……and we suspect they’ll be yours, too! We have an affinity for typical Italian flavors, like Pistachio, but we also keep the crowd favorites of chocolate, vanilla bean, and cookies-n-cream on the menu.

Flavors You’ll Find Often:

We use freshly ground Counter Culture Espresso beans (roasted in North Carolina) to infuse the flavor into our Coffee Gelato. 
Melted couverture chocolate and cocoa powder are combined to create an intense chocolate flavor.
We take the time to scrape out the vanilla seeds from the pod with our little pairing knife so that our Vanilla Bean Gelato is the real deal.
We make a fresh raspberry coulis on the stove top to intensify the raspberry flavor in our sorbet.
Otherwise known as Stracciatella in Italian, this creamy sweet milk base has real chocolate drizzled throughout.

Pistachio Gelato


Lemon Sorbet


Mint Chocolate Chip