Our Schedule

January 2015:

  • Thursday, 1/22: Hot Chocolate 10K Packet Pick-up, at Harmony Motors on Brevard Rd, 4pm-7pm
  • Saturday, 1/24: Hot Chocolate 10K. Click here for more information.



Check out the article in Capital at Play, featuring several Blue Ridge Food Ventures users, including us!


Upcoming Events

Join us at the Hot Chocolate 10K packet pick-up on Thursday, January 22nd AND the Hot Chocolate 10K race on Saturday, January 24th! Click here for more information. Other vendors and treats include: The Chocolate Lab with traditional chocolates, Coconut Organics with their chocolate covered coconut chips, and Poppy Popcorn.

Interested in serving gelato at your next birthday party, wedding, corporate, or other event? Contact us to learn more about having the gelato cart or pans of gelato brought to you!

Our business name pays homage to the origins of gelato, dating back to the First Century A.D., when Roman Emperors enjoyed fresh mountain snow flavored with sugar and wine. We believe everyone deserves the Royal Gelato Experience: the best ingredients, combined to perfection, served soon after being made.

We use the highest quality ingredients from our backyard and beyond. We buy milk and cream from Farm to Home Milk, an Asheville company that brings us dairy products from places like Maple View Farms. We are committed to buying local and seasonal ingredients whenever possible. When we have to go beyond our region for something, we bring in the best, like Cacao Barry Chocolate and Italian pistachios.

Go back to the basics and build from there. Create superb gelato. No mixes, no short cuts. Make gelato worth raving about and keep experimenting! Respect The People: everyone deserves to know what’s in their food.

About Our Gelato

      • Features milk and cream from North Carolina Farms
      • Puts quality first: the best chocolate, fruit, pistachios, and dairy have been thoughtfully sourced as ingredients
      • Makes for THE most fun cooking experiments! The quest for perfection never ends and there are always new ingredients to try.
      • Has less air whipped into it than ice cream, which creates a dense, creamy, oh-so-different-than-ice-cream frozen dessert experience
      • Never has monoglycerides, diglycerides, or gelatin as ingredients